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1997 Nissan 200SX SE-R

This page is dedicated to my 1997 200SX SE-R, all of the modifications I have done and the ones I plan on doing in the near future.

    The 200SX SE-R is a pretty fast performer in the coupe market - but with a few mods it really takes off.  

Mods so far include:

Stillen intake, Stillen Exhaust (plus some custom cat-back work), Stillen STB, Suspension Tech's Sway bars front and rear, Enkei 16's with Falken Ziex 205 45 ZR16's, Stillen Short shift kit, Stillen front grill

I just did the wheels and tires - so my next Mod is probably going to be the GAB adjustable struts and a spring kit. Maybe the carbon fiber dash kit at some point as well.

For anyone interested in stereo stuff: I am now running (down the signal path):Sony single disc CD, Audio Control EPIcenter, MTX LSX2 3-way electronic x-over, Kicker Impulse 125x2 powering (2) JL 10WO4's, Kenwood KAC 646 running 2 Boston Rallies and 2 Boston tweets up front. Radar detection is provided by my Bel Signature series with TTL and SWS voice warning.

The mods I have done so far have made a noticeable difference - especially in the high end.  The Stillen exhaust is VERY loud but I took someone's advice and used DynaMat over the muffler area in the trunk.  I then used DynaLiner over the whole trunk under the carpet.  It helped with the noise problem considerably and I don't mind it under heavy throttle at all.

These two tables give average numbers for both a stock 200SX SE-R and what my car is hopefully doing.

Braking 0-60 in feet. Slalom Skidpad Redline
123 63.1 .85 7100

H.P. 0-60 1/4 mile Top Speed
97 200SX SE-R 140 8.0 15.8@88.3 109*

* governed (it hits 109 at 6400 RPM in 4th)

H.P. 0-60 1/4 mile Top Speed
155** 7.8 15.8 109*

   These figures are based on an estimate of H.P. and then running the figures through Cartest ver. 4.1.  From all of my playing and testing versus reported figures - this program seems to be pretty accurate.  The only numbers that seem off are the 1/4 miles.  If people doubt the increase in performance I must say that my seat-of-the-pants rating system notes a big change and after recently driving a 170 HP Integra GSR - I have to say that my car felt just as fast.  Either way - I am impressed.

** according to more recent Stillen dyno tests:  6-8 from intake, 8-10 from exhaust, I added a couple for the new catback mods I just made, then subtracted some to make up for Stillen's numbers

If you have comments, contradictions, or suggestions, email me at

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